WAXITAXI™ Tea Light Tong

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Lighting or changing tealights in high or narrow tealight holders is not always easy. It is often difficult to reach the bottom of a holder by hand and light the tealights, place them or remove the empty tealight casings.


The WAXITAXI™ can give you a helping hand and offers an easy way to handle tealights without discomforts, such as burnt fingers, extinguished or crooked falling tealights, sticky empty casings and leaking candle wax.


With the WAXITAXI, you can easily replace tealights in narrow tealight holders up to a depth of 20 cm. You can also use the WAXITAXI for bigger holders, such as lanterns, storm lamps, Chinese lanterns or Halloween pumpkins.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review